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"Sherri Mandell's wrenching, soulful and beautiful book is more than an act of remembrance. It is an act of grace." — JOHN PODHORETZ

"A spiritual journey of faith, hope and redemption…From the depths of darkness comes this uplifting poem of life. It is a must read for everyone." — FAYE KELLERMAN

"…the rarest of books; the kind no reader can enter without leaving changed for the better. It is a book that truly blesses its readers."

"… this chronicle of a mother dealing with the brutal murder of her 13-year-old son, Koby, passes through to the other side of tragedy, offering an inspiring reflection on the life lessons learned from a senseless death. … Hers is the wisdom gained from coming to terms with, and accepting, tragedy, and she shares it generously with us."
— GARY ROSENBLATT, Editor and publisher, The Jewish Week

"…tells the story of his murder with an eloquence that is rare. This is a book about what it means to be a Jew in Israel today: to live with terror and to die from it; to suffer the worst any mother could suffer and then to find grace; to rage and to remember; ultimately, to rebuild."
— BRET STEPHENS, Editor-in-chief, The Jerusalem Post

"… the true story of an impassioned and inspiring American family who went to Israel to explore their spirituality and were faced with the inexplicable loss of their son at the hands of terrorists. It is a book of hope in a time of utter despair. With the help of stirring anecdotes about their son, family and religion, Sherri Mandell has told it a beautiful story of a horrendous crime that defies any sense of logic or rationale."