THE BLESSING OF A BROKEN HEART will take you straight to the soul of a grieving, broken-hearted mother. Sherri Mandell has penned an absorbing, deeply painful and yet strangely beautiful account of her loss, sharing her thoughts and emotions as she moves through the first stages of mourning after Koby's murder. Struggling to find a way to carry on, she embarks on a journey of discovery and growing faith as she endeavors to understand her pain in the context of three thousand years of Jewish history and tradition.

THE BLESSING OF A BROKEN HEART is a life-affirming account of her journey that is full of pain, beauty and courage. Mandell's ability to find meaning in the depths of darkness and her determination to look for grace and love rather than succumb to hate and despair are inspiring and humbling. She is broken-hearted, but not broken.

ISBN: 159264 029 X, hardcover, $19.95

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"The Blessing of a Broken Heart" is the winner of the 2004 National Jewish Book Award Contemporary Jewish Life category.

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