Young Adult Encounter Project:

Perhaps the most under-served and least understood of those struck by terror are the surviving older children and siblings (young adults aged 18-30). Whether married or single, these young adults are expected to carry on with their lives, and few others understand them.

To compound their problems, they often take on the role of parenting their parents or surviving parent, feeling responsible for their parent's welfare and for the loss of their loved one. They have difficulty expressing their feelings because they don't want to hurt their parents. Friends don't understand the intensity and difficulty of what they have experienced.

The Young Adult Encounter Programs bring these young men and women together in a fun atmosphere of physical activities including hiking, rafting, sailing, among other activities. Together in a supportive environment, these young adults bond and create an informal peer support group. Therapy groups are offered in a non-threatening atmosphere so that young adults feel free to share, communicate, and listen. Participants return home with an enhanced capacity for communication and leadership.




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