Friends program:

When teenagers are murdered in a terrorist attack, their friends who are in the midst of their most important childhood years are faced with a multitude of traumatic shocks. The experience of losing a friend and the shock and pain that accompany that loss are bound to have long-lasting, life-changing effects. Not only are they faced with pain and sorrow, but their personal security is uprooted. Their self-confidence is exposed, their belief system challenged, and their daily life, where they go, how they travel, who they stay with, are all radically affected.

The Koby Mandell Friends program provides a safe environment and framework for these kids to express their emotions, develop tools to cope with their loss, and learn to motivate themselves and others to become leaders in their communities and of the Jewish people.

The Koby Mandell Friends programs teaches these young people to respond to the pain and suffering of losing a close friend by building, growing and creating meaning out of tragedy. Groups focus on meaningful ways remember their friends, to continue their influence in this world by carrying on their special projects, and by developing leadership skills they can use while keeping their friends memory alive.

Groups meet on an on-going basis throughout Israel . After extensive preparation they are given the opportunity to share their stories and their friend's memories with Diaspora groups visiting Israel , at camp and schools throughout the world, and with other Israeli teens in high schools throughout Israel .




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