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Children are often the silent victims when the tragedy of terrorism strikes a family. After the mourning period, children return to school and to life as usual. Nobody can see their broken hearts. They don't want to bother their parents or remaining parent; they don't want their parents to feel worse, to cry, to be in pain. Most teachers don't understand that the enormity of the children's pain may cause them to have difficulty concentrating. Other people can't understand how hard it is for many of these kids to care about ordinary life. Their friends often say hurtful things.

Camp Koby provides children of families struck by terror with a place where others understand. Surrounded by their peers, specially trained counselors and professional therapists, children naturally share their stories and express their feelings.

Most important, kids love Camp Koby because it is fun with exciting programs specially tailored for each age group. Children feel free to have an incredible time.

Camp Koby consists of a youth camp for ages 9-13 and a teen camp ages 14-17. Follow up programs consist of 2-4 day reunions during the year and an on-going Big Sister /Big Brother program. Bringing the children together during the year gives them the comfort and support of an emotional network that nurtures them. Many parents say that their children look forward to the camp all year. The fun and support the kids receive give them the strength to return to life with increased vigor and emotional stability. Most important, they know they are not alone.

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  "My daughter met other children with whom she could enjoy herself and be happy with and made new friends who have also been through a rough time."
Mother of Camp Koby Participant

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