Famiy Healing Program:

Dealing with trauma and grief is a lifelong process. When grief is not expressed, it can destroy a family. Yet when grief is expressed and channeled successfully, it can bring a family closer together. Strengthening families is essential for the emotional welfare of both parents and children.

The Family Healing Retreats bring together families who have lost a loved one to terror. For three days, participants hike, raft, jeep and engage in other fun family activities. Therapists join the group and work with the families in a warm non-threatening environment that gives each participant a chance to feel supported. The therapists address issues of bereavement and trauma in a society faced by ongoing threats to personal security.

Psychologists pay attention not only to the needs of the individual, but to the way the family system operates. Participants are placed in age appropriate groups-small children, teenagers, young adults, mothers and fathers. Later groups communicate with each other; husbands and wives are brought together to engage in dialogue. Even family members who refuse to see a therapist in ordinary life are willing to come to the healing groups that are part of the family program. Families learn to support each other, communicate better, and to heal together from the trauma of losing a family member.



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