Big Brother/ Sister Program

Sometimes a kid needs someone outside of the family to talk to who will listen with unconditional love and understanding. Children who have tragically lost a parent or sibling are especially in need of an ongoing, supportive relationship with an "older sibling."

The Big Brother/ Big Sister program sustains the closeness, trust and confidence developed at Camp Koby. Counselors participate in training programs and are supervised by The Koby Mandell Foundation's staff of professional social workers and therapists. Counselors meet weekly with the children and periodically larger groups of counselors and children meet for area wide programs.

The Camp Koby Big Brother/Big Sister Project is a key element for supporting children in their movement through trauma and bereavement to healing and growth.

"My son returned from the camp happy and full of rich experiences.
Thank you very much for organizing this wonderful camp."

Father of a Camp Koby Participant


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