Women's Learning Program at the Koby Mandell Foundation

Once a week, every Wednesday morning from 9:30 to 1:00, 10 bereaved mothers (between the ages of 25 and 60) meet and learn together at the office of the

Koby Mandell Foundation. The first class is facilitated by a bereaved mother, Piki Apter. The women learn the texts of Rev Ashlag and other texts and then discuss their personal situations in light of what they have learned. The second class is in Hassidut and related to the parsha and holidays and taught by Nechama Gross. The classes are in Hebrew. Refreshments are also served and the women report that the morning is an island of serenity and heaven for them. The sharing, and the larger perspective of looking toward G-d help the women reframe their trauma.  The women offer each other comfort and inspiration and can discuss their personal issues with freedom, something that they cannot do in an ordinary class or even with friends.

Before Purim, there was a class in laughter for the women in the beit midrash. It was taught by a woman who does laughter yoga and it was amazing to see the group of bereaved moms and widows  do all kinds of silly things, including one woman pretending to be King Ahashverosh and the others trying to win the contest to be his consort by singing opera, belly dancing, etc. The women also played with balloons, pretended to row a big boat, and danced

around the room together. Together they were lifted from their sorrow and were able to find happiness together.


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