Solidarity Sukkah -- October 2003
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The Solidarity Sukkah: A Tapestry of Love, Hope and Remembrance

October 2003 - The Koby Mandell Foundation hosted a Solidarity Sukkah at the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem during the Sukkot holiday. Over 160 families participated in the project, embroidering, painting, or sewing squares in memory of their loved one who was murdered by terrorists. These squares, each of which contains a picture of their loved one, have been sewn together to create the walls of the sukkah.

"As we sit together in the Sukkah with its roof open to heaven, we remember, memorialize, and fulfill a commandment. We sit in this sukkah to share, to continue life - and to pray that no more innocent lives will be taken" said Sherri Mandell, foundation co-president who initiated the project.

The foundation created the Sukkah to spread the message of hope and unity for the Jewish people. "When you enter this sukkah you say to each grieving family: you are not alone, and you are not abandoned. Like the quilts in this sukkah, the Jewish people are one fabric. Though we may be ripped, we will never be torn apart. We will never be destroyed. We will continue-in love, in hope, and in healing" said Ms. Mandell.

Read about the Sukkah in the Jerusalem Post.


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